almost 2013


so guys, it’s almost going to be 2013.
Thank you for all your patience and understanding with all of the reschedules! i’m still working on trying to find the best way for all of us, but it’s a work in progress, i hope you all can stick it out with me until my daughter is out of high school and volleyball, after that i will be begging you to come in every week to fill my time up since i will be LONELY!!!!!! nah! i will probably find some other mindless thing to learn and if you know me well you know that’s true.

hi guys! so my daughter is 16!!!! isn’t it amazingly fast!
remember her taking naps in the back of my shop? i even did a miss hawaii’s makeup with her in my
baby bjorn front pack.

anyway she asked to see the sunrise with her friends for her birthday and although it was sort
of painful to get up so early it was an amazingly beautiful morning, day and night!
parents….. people say this all the time, but really enjoy the time with your kids because i can still feel my daughter’s little body in my arms holding on to her and she holding on to me. but now we’re approaching the time when she can drive and do all those scary adult things! eeeeeek! i look back and i love the time i spent with that little ball of energy, no regrets!!!!!

so enough of that emotional stufff!!!!on to the shop….. first of all is a product note: one of you bought a brown eye pencil, i’m so glad you told me it was hard to apply, because it’s supposed to glide on pretty easily.
i tested it and it was HARD! so if any of you got a eye pencil and it was hard! please let me know, bring it in and i can give you a new one.
the last appointment before christmas will be december 17th,i am taking time off from december 17 (im only doing scheduled weddings) to spend time with Dakota and to escape the parking madness in kilohana square.
speaking of parking, it hasn’t been as bad lately since ive been scheduling you all around the crazy time.
so……..i am sending this early holiday email out to help us prep for the holidays. please let me know if I can put anthing on hold for you to be picked up before the 17th
if you need foundation, powder or any other makeup, the last day is the 17th.
i will be turning off my phone after the 17th til i come back, nah! not that it makes a difference since i don’t answer the phone anyway! that’s what you guys tease me about all the time! no really though i can’t answer since i am usually mowing down all of your eyebrows! hahahaha!
congratulations to my recent makeup lesson graduates! great job!
corinne, eileen, colleen… no you don’t have to end in the “eeeeen” sound to take the class. hahaha
also sisters junko and ayako, erin, pam, patsy and sharry.

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