life is great isn’t it!
hey guys!!!! happy new year!!!!!
thank you for all your shares, laughter and tears.
just a short story showing that in all of life
there is balance and beauty!!!!
do any of you remember my story about
waiting in line for the custard pies in chinatown?
this is a similar story that makes me thankful.
I told my daughter with a few tears in my eyes that
the amazing things that happened year filled me.
it just filled me.
some things happened out adversity, some did not,
but they situations were beautiful and unique to me.

here is one of them….
so my daughter and I had to wait in line out at kapolei DMV
during the Christmas break to take her drivers license
test. we left our house at 4:30 and got to the DMV
around 5:00a.m. , I thought to myself as I was
looking for parking “are these people homeless or
are they waiting in line too”?! serious there were 6
chairs set up and 1 guy in his chair, sleeping. well!
dang it if I didn’t look homeless too as I set my chair
up, put on my fluffy bathrobe and covered up with a blanket
in the darkness. just the guy and me in the cold while
everyone else found warmth in their cars, I thought that was
kinda unfair to just set up the chair in place of your body,
that’s why I suffered in the cold. when does this get good????
it gets good a couple of times. like now. I’m looking into the
nothingness and just contemplating life….. no serious I was,
for some reason I decided to look up and behind my head
and my daughter says “sure mom” but I saw a owl flying.
really, how many large birds fly in the dark? so it was amazing
to me, and no, the other guy was sleeping so he didn’t see it.
so then,the picture you see below is the next good, great,
wonderful amazing thing. the sunrise….. it was beautiful.
well then the next thing, others started to line up and conversation
with strangers whom ended up being a part of a wonderful day!
a Filipino man waiting for the same thing as us, he was there at 12:00a.m.!?he looked scary in the dark but i later found ou that he was a little nice filipino man.
a guy that was moving to maui, he had to get a car registration, put it
on a car that was getting shipped to Maui and get on a plane, all by 11:00a.m…. i wondered if that was all going to work out for him, he was a tall dude with a low voice, he wasn’t scary just nice.
and a boy from new york, just moved here and had failed the test a week ago, he was still there after we left at 12:00! he was a young buck,hahaha!
so after meeting them all, my daughter took the test and passed!! yay! but the
fun doesn’t end there. we get back to the car and there’s a note on the car.
it says someone hit my car and left. I looked and sure enough. i called the
number the person left and she gave a description of the car and the 2 people
in the car, she told me to check the parking lot to see if they had re-parked,
sure enough it was there, in one of the “drivers test” parking spaces! I went up to the offices
and they said they couldn’t really do anything and to make a police report, but as I was walking
back to the car I looked back and a girl was walking down with the dmv examiner and she fit
the description the woman gave me, she walked to her car and approached her.
she didn’t deny it and I did have to call the police to make a report for the insurance,
everything worked out and the BEAUTY in all of that was that the person who took the time to take down the information! wow! And the TIMING!
well we went to shiros for lunch and as we drove home I had tears in my eyes again
maybe because I was tired and a bit emotional, but I truly was thankful for an awesome
day that filled my heart with proof that people do care about each other, although there was one person who didn’t have any regard for someone else, there were others that outweighed that one. those people we had conversation with,
happy new year everyone one!!!!
and if you remember the custard pie story, you would know, that i should wait in long lines all the time!
heres a few pics of our year.

dakota’s sunrise birthday

rain and sunrise
almost burned down the house smokin this one!
day after tsunami warning
my baby
putting our mark in this world
oh grandma
beauty at the dmv

love peace grace beauty strength gratitude
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