_MG_9999 - Version 2
what year it’s been.
first of all i would like to thank all of you wonderful women…and men for all your love and patience., it was quite a challenging year in 2013 and 2014 has been better, but i press on with finishing the things that were going on in 2013.
I have to say that faith, trust and meditating daily was a source
so many ask about this silly blog that i write and i finally today have some time to share.
volleyball….. yup we are still in it! if some of you don’t know this and would like their daughter’s to play volleyball…..wonderful sport! the girls are awesome! the teams we were in had no drama, these girls become lifelong friends!
only thing…..tournaments!!!!! it’s all day and you never know when, where and what time til a few days and i mean a few days before. so thank you thank you thank you for all of you who have been allowing me to reschedule your days because of volleyball!
2015 is coming up and dakota will be graduating so in 2016 there won’t be volleyball unless she gets a division 3 scholarship for volleyball! hahahaha! anyway, many of you ask me about where she will be going. don’t know. she really has only begun. so ask me and i will have no answers, but i appreciate any advice:) college and graduation tips.i hear moms and daughters fight a lot that senior year! yikes that would be so sad! hope that doesn’t happen! but anyway, thank you so much for all your support and understanding and patience! i truly appreciate it!

so guys i know ur kids are also graduating next year and they do those eeeeaaarrrly grad pics during the summer.i have been getting requests already and its a busy summer and not that you’d use me, although if u would like to, im setting up days since we will be gone for my daughters volleyball for about a week in june when these photos begin to happen
im going to do a special price, $100 for makeup and hair for any of you who received this email.
i ask the same things….
clean DRY hair and
clothes that are easily changed out of.

everyone always asks me about it!
so i have decided to do a meditation class

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