until forever


until forever….

yes as most of you know my miso chan will be meeting me in another life. it’s been a learning experience in so many ways. thank you for all the love she enjoyed it! . i know now she’s happy running around with my dad. hopefully she can help me to guide this “very different” puppy, “gnocchi”. yes she is a potato pasta, pronounced “nyokki. sorry in advance for her sometimes crazy behavior. she likes people, but other dogs…..sorry in advance again, the other day all i heard was a growl and then scared dog parents looking for damage to their doggies tail , a week before that she jumped on top of one of your dog carriers, with the dog in it!!!  i will try to get her socialized, somebody said she gotta be put in her place….yikes! for now, best to keep your doggies safe from the beast. i did set up play area outside, but i wonder when that’s ever going to be used!

miso never smelled (gnocchi smells about an hour after her bath, i’m serious) her ears always stayed clean(gnocchi’s ears are dirt magnets), she stopped barking when i said stop(gnocchi looks at me and says to herself what the heck!),  miso wouldn’t bark if she heard the next door neighbor’s dog barking (gnocchi barks when i burp), she would get up only when i did (gnocchi could care less if i’m up and sometimes if she’s up before me she makes it known), miso was free to roam the house all day all night with no problem ever(gnocchi may never make it out of the kitchen). she’d smell flowers (gnocchi eats them) miso knew when i was going home and would be ready to go as soon as i was ready ( i have to capture gnocchi) oops miso made a little fart (we have to evacuate when gnoochi decides to let it out and that is everyday at least once or twice) miso’s little doo doo’s could be flushed (gnocchi uses the entire paper and then some, i think there is more doo doo than food that i fed her)! not to compare, but there is no comparison. miso was not a dog, but i love our new DOG gnocchi.

here is a photo of the “beast” yeah, really don’t let her looks fool you. and yes, she really is a poodle, not a mix, just poodle. oh yes and those of you who came when her name was poha, we changed her name, it’s no wonder she’s confused!

the beast

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