hiya all!



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Hiya all:)!
here’s a few things that’s been happening:)
as you all know my daughter has graduated and will be attending university of hawaii manoa in august, it’s a great plan! as you all may think I am probably happy about it:)….. well I have become happy about it, I had prepped myself for her leaving so I felt a little confused and to you all, it didn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, all i want for her is to be happy. Geeez parenting is so challenging!!!!! and…….. the best thing that has ever happened to me!

so…..as you all know, ya guys who have been with me for awhile, my work life has been shaped around my daughter’s life. when she was a baby I only worked on the weekends of course we are talking 3:00a.m. till 6:00p.m. without fail but it was worth it! then she went to preschool half time and I only worked half a day and the other half, she was raised with you guys in my little shop, we scheduled around volleyball and now, I am not quite sure?, but we begin guys! we begin our new journey!

I have been re doing the web/blog (www.alisonhayashi.com), trying to bring in new items and offering more makeup classes. during the summer we taught kids to do their own makeup for dance performances and taught moms to do their dance daughter’s makeup so it’s not that bright blue craziness and their little ones looked cute and fresh in a “snap”…well sort of a snap, in april we also taught a few moms to do their daughter’s makeup for school functions and a few teens to do their own fresh, clean simple,makeup, ya know that came about because we would see girls with thick thick liner or too much makeup! yikes! a few of you have taken my regular classes and were going to change the way we have done it in the past for any newcomers. the lessons will be ala carte. some of the lessons will also include a few supplies, just ask and terry will give you the details:) I just share a carport kit with you guys. I recently bought one from them.

p.s. you have to have taken the basic daytime in order to take the other classes! no no not a sales ploy! it just doesn’t make sense if you don’t know the basics that I teach, which once you get it, is very simple, fast and classic.

basic daytime $170
refresher $85
highlighting/strobing $75
contouring $75
smokey eyes $75
natural asian – $75
focus on lips – $50
accenting with eyeshadow colors – $50
focus on lashes – $50
cat eyes – $50
just eyebrows – $50

we are also booking prom makeup and hair for 2016 already! 2 schools knew their dates for winter ball and prom!

don’t forget guys! I’m in a NEW LOCATION
some of you still don’t know I moved and showed up at kilohana square or gone to the 3rd floor of the young street building!. Eeeeek! so I’m at 1436 young street #102 first floor
it is about 1/4 the size of the original place and 1/2 of the size of the place upstairs from where I am now and that i was for about 3 months. I do love this place, there is parking right in front ( 6 stalls of free parking as you turn into the driveway to the right) and also street parking if you have a hard time turning around in the parking lot when you’re leaving, and for the most part it’s pretty quiet:) I think the only time it gets a little busy is when the Japanese restaurant next door has lunch, the busy times are Sunday’s 11:30-2:00 and lunchtime weekdays 11:30-1:00 except monday because they’re closed:) which……..
on SEPTEMBER 7 labor day please RSVP to our Iichiko Time from 2-8p.m
~ IICHIKO is shochu. Iichiko from my understanding is a combination of select barley and spring water collected from 300 meters underground that is carefully, artfully and scientifically
made into a fine smooth refreshing drink!and we are honored to have a mini tasting event at my shop of their bar fruits YUZU and UME which are new additions to the Iichiko family.
There will be top Iichiko experts there to answer all your questions!!!!

~ I will be offering “happy brows” that day for a happier $25 !!!! and free FOUNDATION
SAMPLES for those of you who don’t already have a FOUNDATION RECIPE.
(if you would like brows done please schedule with us…. hayashi88@me.com)

~ very very talented DARIN MIYASHIRO ACCOMPLISHED koto teacher and performer will be
filling the air with his amazingly hypnotic and beautiful sounds of the koto. For those of you
that are looking for a talent that not too many people know or have, you can sign up for
koto classes with Darin! I did and I love it!

~bee keeper titus will have his fresh made honey to sample and to purchase:)!
I like honey and I have tasted quite a bit of different kinds of honey! This honey is
very mild and tastes happy! really! it tastes like happy bees are making it!
I had some just about an hour ago on my yogurt!The consistency is different! It’s
rich but light? ya gotta try it yourself!

~ pastry girl linda muromoto will be making some sweets to sample!!!! when put her in the spot when she brought her yummy samples , I think I asked her to tell us about her baking, all I know is that the the response that stood out was……”I make it with LOVE”!!!!! yay!

Did I ever tell you about the time……..
I went to a restaurant and I wasn’t thrilled with my food, so I kinda left a lot of it on my plate. The waiter asked if something was wrong with the food. my daughter cringing on the side as I said , hmmmm“tastes like the chef is mad at his other half……the waiter replied, “wow!!!!! you’re good!” and we had free desserts and I didn’t have to pay for my entree.
moral of the story: don’t make mahimahi into flounder just because you’re mad at someone…..hahaha
no, the moral of the story is that we are so energetically charged and connected that what we think and feel is translated and absorbed by everything we touch, so to make or do anything with care and love, is felt at levels we don’t even realize!basically just make stuff with good energy cause people feel it whether they know or not!!!!!!

so oddly I have found the closing in this long newsletter/blog.
each topic listed had something to do with the moral of the story!
koto music
raising my daughter
makeup lessons
eyebrow happiness