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“kualoa summer day”
So….. Important for this month!
Lena will be bringing her cake pops again due to the popular response!!!!!!
but ALSO, CUPCAKES!!!!!!
~made from scratch chocolate cake CUPCAKES with light,whipped chocOLATE frosting topped with HEATH BAR!!!!!!
~just tart enough lemon dream CUPCAKES with a sweet cream frosting
~chocolate with fudge baked in, CAKE POPS dipped in dark chocolate
~red velvet with white chocolate CAKE POPS

2 for $5 for cupcakes
cake pops $2
hello kitty cake pops $3.50

pre order if you would like to buy some and pick up
rsvp please if you’re coming to check them out

~dakota had a few things to say too!
hi guys ! it’s me dakota ! (:
i have big news ! so this summer i am planning on doing fingernails (sorry i don’t do toenails !) at my mom’s shop if anyone is interested ! it will be $10 for basecoat, topcoat, and any color of your choice from the colorful range i have ! and feel free to come with already polished nails, i have great remover ! i am also doing a more sparkly version of polish that is depicted in the blog that will cost ONLY $11 ! WOW i know right ! 😀 so anyways..anyone want to book for the 30th of July please email my mom.

here’s your chance I realllllllly want you guys to have a back up bottle of foundation.
1. have two bottles
2. when you start on the 2nd bottle, you know it’s time to order, not when its
1/2 gone, 3/4 gone, when you start on it!!!!
RESULT: happy you, because you don’t have to:
1. call me in a panic
2. scrape the bottom of the bottle with a q-tip
3. hope that if you put water in it, it will stretch it
4. keep calling me frantically, because you know i never answer the phone!!!!
So on the 30th, if you’d like to come pick up a foundation, you can pre order it, and pick it
up that day for only $24!!! yes that’s right $24!!!! (but sorry it has to be picked up that
day) and that’s not all! order a powder refill for just the low price of $24!!!!!
but that’s not all!!!!!
for every cake pop or cupcake you order you purchase i’ll give you 25 cents
off your foundation and/or powder order!
wow! that means if you buy ONLY 96 cake pops or cupcakes you get a free foundation!!!!!

comn in and make sure you preorder or tell me you’re coming in that day.

now….here’s my latest story.
we went to JJ Dolan’s for pizza,(which by the way is realllllly good) with dakota’s friend and her mom, it was my idea since dakota’s friend is always so nice and let’s her borrow lunch money since dakota’s mom is such a good mom and forgets to give her money! anyway.
pizza was great as usual and company as well. we sat there enjoying and talking, talking and enjoying, i had parked in the lot diagonal from JJ dolans, it’s expensive like heck, but i went around a couple of times and really couldn’t find any parking.well i ended up going out there to put in another $4-5 since my first hour had passed, all is well as we still talk and enjoy, enjoy and talk, then it dawn on me, yikes!!!!! i’m over the time limit again, by this time it’s close to 10:00p.m. and we better leave any way. bye, bye, hug hug…….o.k.? where is my car? did someone steal it? did i really park it here? yup…. it was towed!!!!
o.k o.k. i was about 30 minutes over the time limit, but geeez! so this story gets worse.
i call the other mom, “hey, they towed my car, could we catch a ride?” of course, she’s in shock, but she was so nice, she was very defensive for me and was i think more upset then i was.
well we get there on sand island access road #2. you know it’s bad when it’s not just sand island access road, it’s sand island access road #2. we proceed to the guard gate, where…ONLY ONE PERSON CAN GO PAST THIS POINT ON THIER GOLF CART IN THE DARK, YUP, NO STREET LIGHTS, IN GHETTO LAND, ONE COULD DISSAPEAR HERE AND NEVER BE FOUND, YEAH, CAUSE THEY HAVE YOUR CAR, WHO KNOWS THAT THOUGH! WHO KNOWS IF THEY REALLY HAVE YOUR CAR! well dakota’s friends mom was not going for that at all, she asks to follow, they hesitate and say it’s o.k., which by the way i spoke to another girl just today, young girl, in her 20’s she knew exactly what i was talking about and they would not allow her boyfriend to come or follow and she had to be the one not him becasue she was the registered owner. WELL THIS IS GETTING TO BE A LONG STORY RIGHT? BUT ANYONE WHO HAS A YOUNG ADULT SHOULD CONTINUE TO READ!!!!!!! we go right, left, right right and left in the DARKNESS behind some large shipping containers ad finally end up at a small lot of fenced in cars, still no lights, i have to sign the towing guy’s paper in the light of his truck. There isn’t even a office, this is worse than what you see in the movies! I ask to check out the car before signing, I forgot my flashlight!!!! dang! of all days!!!, well he says i’ll turn on the lights, the light is shining towards the back of the squished in cars from the far corner. it starts to rain as i tell him i really can’t tell if there is any damage, it’s just too dark, at this point i just want to get out of there which i would guess a lot of people feel. i sign, pay my $145 and we leave in the darkness, we ask him to lead us out, and he reluctantly “sort of” does. It was an eye opening experience. Please tell your kids, don’t be afraid to call you if they get towed, it is SOOOOOOOOO DANGEROUS!!!! Whatever you see in the movies, it’s 100 time worse than that.

well time is going along so fast it’s hard to believe!
~first let me tell you the trama i had,……. whew!
gnocchi and i were in the yard and she was playing around, i saw her scratching in the
dirt and so i went to look, she was playing with a bee! well the bee had no stinger and there
it was above her lip. i got in the car and took her to the vet 5 minutes away, she seemed perfectly fine, but off we went. she was excited to see the other dogs at the vet and she
was wagging her tail, we got in the examination room and all of a sudden she started unusually
quiet, by the time dr. shoji came in which wasn’t that long, she couldn’t stand up and just lay on the
table closing her eyes, he checked her heart and it was down to 70bpm, o.k. we’re still really
sad about miso and this is the same doctor, he knows and he looks worried. well gnocchi is fine after having an epinephrine shot, cortisone and antihistimine and about 8 hours later. but……..thank you jan! if one of you had not shared your experience you had with your doggie going into shock, i would have never thought to take gnocchi in to see the vet. THANK YOU!!!! but i am sharing especially since a lot of you have doggies too!!!
Gnocchi lost her hair on her back, it just started to fall out and then regrew to a shiny balck patch that kinda looks like wings, or a heart, awwwwww. So…….. I did not dye her hair!
Gosh you guys!
Gnocchi is her playful self ,loving her pbutter and looking curly as ever.

~for those of you who were waiting for my schedule, i can now book through the year
~sorry guys, i’m trying to keep the cost down, but the foundation is $29 now, $1 more than…….
a lonnnnnggggg time ago:) hehehe

♥love, dakota (;

here’s a pic of dakota flipping the coin, wow! she looks like a vball player!
actually i’m really proud of her, she’s made a lot of progress! go dakota!

so gnocchi has come a long way in mellowing out, except for days like this!
that’s a toilet paper roll that she destroyed while i went outside to dump the garbage

hey guys, see a similarity between the two pictures??? both look like bugs right?
well the green one is a bug that i found that i thought looked interesting, the other picture is NOT a bug, it’s mascara and lashes that i scraped off one of your eyelash curlers during a refresher makeup lesson! eeeeeeeekkkkkkk! guys!

Jacee & Micah from Video 21 Productions on Vimeo.

recent wedding video of you guys getting married!!!!! love the japanese style!!!!!
k guys
we were suposed to go to japan 6 days before the earthquake and tsunami, i am thankful that we were not there when it happened and i think about it daily. many of us love japan, and i know you feel the same when i say my heart is so sad for the losses of the people. i continue to feel such heartfelt stories though, it is truly amazing, some indirect, some from you guys and some from past clients that are living there, i keep hearing that there is a connection between the people, that they are caring for each other, it is amazing.
all the reservations made were refunded completely, with sincere notes attached back with the confirmations from japan, japanican (ryokan in yamagata, right next to sendai), park hotel tokyo ,
global advance communications ( mifi or wifi rental in japan) along with american company
american express travel( another hotel) and last but not least hawaiian airlines who at first i was a little questionable, but in the end they came through! yeah hawaiian airlines!

Dayna + Billy :: Same Day Edit from KAI MEDIA on Vimeo.

Yeah as you can see I wrote these awhile ago, but never posted them