flying gnocchi


okay, this a terrible photo retouching job! but isn’t gnocchi cute! she’s flying through the house with her tissue paper cape!!!! hahahaha!
Making food in your ricepot.
Alright so between doing appointments and getting Dakota from school and to volleyball and having a small personal life ( yeah right) somewhere I have to cook. Well I have had a small hotplate, pans and dishes to cook in my toaster, but I have to say the the RICEPOT is one of the best cooking tools ever!!!!!! You can cook food and warm up food, it’s only just a little slower than a microwave
a few things I’ve made
chicken soup
~threw chicken breast tenders in with vegetable broth and short spaghetti noodles
mushroom chicken w brocolli
~a can of cream of mushroom soup, chicken breast tenders and frozen broccoli
sort of spaghetti meatballs
~tray of ground beef made into balls, spaghetti sauce and rigatoni noodles
~random notes~
~making brow appointments now for 2012 if you have those “after work
apppointments, we should do them soon.
~appointment reminders are back!!!!! if you’re not getting them just send me your email
so i can make sure i have it right in my computer
~foundation and powder, k guys don’t forget, have a backup!!!!!especially during the holidays, once you start working on that second bottle, have me send you the next so you don’t panic when you’re scraping the bottom!
~hey, sorry for all the rescheduling, with dakota playing volleyball and having different functions coming up, i’ve had to adjust many of our brow appointments, sorry for the inconvenience, but i think this may happen for awhile.
she got on oahu volleyball club’s team also so the craziness won’t be subsiding anytime soon.

hey guys! it’s makeup lesson time! it’s a new time and time for a refreshed YOU! hehehee! i am including a complimentary custom foundation ($29) with any makeup lesson in december or january. lessons are $170 which include two one hour lessons.
for those of you who already did this and it’s been over a year, you can take a
refresher makeup lesson ($85) will include a complimentary lip liner ($8)


******christmas specials just received*******

~ lug two step travel cosmetic cases ~ perfect gift with a couple of lip liners or mascara! it fits my eyeshadow square. available in brown, red, pink and purple. case is normally $30 but my studio price will be $22 for christmas.
~ lug pillows ~ dakota and i can’t go without our favorite pillows. we even use it in the hotel room. super duper soft and comfy. and…i won’t say anything about the ones from the airline.
rectangle nap sac blanket & pillow ~ ($28) studio price ~ $23
bearhead pillow and blanket ~ ($30) studio price ~ $28
neck pillow and blanket ~ ($30) studio price ~ $28
* vases ~ looks like alien egg pods but a nice addition to your table – small – $6 medium – $9 large – $12
* 80 acres lotions and body washes – blood orange is my favorite. verde seems to be everybody else’s favorite but you can’t go wrong with lavender! i swear my skin is softer…feel my arm!
body wash – studio price – $20
body lotion – studio price – $24
travel gift set – ($32) studio price – $30
muslin gift set – ($26) studio price – $24

* tiny hanging vases – $4 – dainty gift for someone eclectic. beautiful filled with potpourri
* keyrings – artsy gift for someone who has everything

limited specialty items
* ruched ombre scarf – these beautiful scarves can be worn anytime of the year. available in dusk purple and smokey grey (only two available in each color)
* dainty glass in holder – perfect for a hot summer day in the yard – ($64) – studio price – $55 only two sets available
* sake set – perfect for the sake lover ($69) – studio price – $48 – only three sets available
* large size birdcage – $100 – only one available
* medium size birdcage – $75 – only one available
* mesh wire bag – ($173) – studio price – $100 – only one available
* waxing poetic charms – build your own bracelet or necklace concept – various prices
* McEvoy Ranch – apple lavender jelly – $11- i love eating it on ritz crackers! – i only have 12 jars left! – olive oil – $22 – same olive oil used in the hand and body lotion – only 8 left