•Do I  have a portfolio•

Currently  after 28 years of doing makeup and hair,  I have not collected very many photos of the many faces that I have done. Under  “magazine clips” & “photos” I will be building  an online photo and  video blog  of some of the weddings I’ve done where brides, photographers and videographers have submitted their photos to me. After your wedding I welcome you to submit your photos also!

•How long does makeup & hair take per person•

Approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

•Will your makeup be done by me personally•

Yes. If I do bring an assistant,  they help me with prepping and a touch up.

•How important is a practice session for a bride•

I believe it relieves both of us of a lot of stress. I  notice  when  I finish the makeup hair on the wedding day  after having a practice session the bride doesn’t rush to the mirror  wondering what she looked like, she knows what to expect  and seems relaxed about it. Besides ! it’s a good excuse to get dressed up & ask your fiance to take you out!

•Can a bride combine a practice session with their engagement photography session•

You may use the practice session for your  pre bridal  photo session,  but it’s difficult to use it for the engagement session,  since the pre-bridal  photo session is more like a wedding day photos  and the engagement photos are more casual.  I usually recommend to schedule a separate makeup and hair session for engagement photos.

•How long does the practice session take•

Approximately an hour.

•When should a bride schedule a practice session•

We can do a practice session any time after you receive your hairpiece  and veil so that we can  figure out the placement.

•In what order do I have the bride & bridesmaids have their makeup & hair done•

As an example, a bridal party of three I would do  a bridesmaid first,  then the bride  and then the last bridesmaid. The  bride is not usually first or last  it’s just personal preference

•How do you book an event date•

After determining whether I will be able to assist you on your special day, I will send you a proposal that will need to be sent back with a non-refundable retainment fee within 2 weeks. You  will need to know the time that you will be needing services done, how many need makeup and hair and the location you will need me to be in order to book the date.

•Is the retainment fee applied to the total balance•


•Is there a fee to go to your hotel or home or venue•

Yes.  The location fee is dependent on where you will need me to be. My studio is also open to do services and there would be no location fee.

•Will you need touch-up makeup•

I do have makeup that you may purchase for touch-up, but it’s not necessary.

•What is one of the most important things I should know as a bride with you as my makeup artist•

I was recently interviewed by a wedding resource company
and I realized how important it is to share this with my brides
and their coordinators.
I ask in my proposal that all the women having makeup and hair
done, be there at the room all at the same start time. Yes, after
after all these years i have become a little set in my ways, I guess you
could say it’s the artist in me.
I ask that all the girls, or most of them, are there whether I have an assistant
or not because I am actually watching, listening and
figuring each girl out, so when it is their turn I’m a little more
familiar with what they are comfortable with, how they
blend with the others and if I need to give them extra attention,
ect. I know that when all is in alignment (hahaha) I can help
to make the day more enjoyable. With the girls
trickling in here and there it just doesn’t go as smooth, some
bridesmaids may come as late as they can, maybe they’re from
out of town and want to enjoy every moment they can in Hawaii,
but they are committed for one day to the bride and they may
grumble about having to be there when I “can’t work on them
all at once anyway” but what the bride will never understand that
this is a favor to them, the photographer and all that comes after
the makeup and the hair….
I do prefer to have them all of the girls getting makeup and hair done,
there together at the location, except the moms they are an exception,
they can come a little later, if most can be there at the same time
I really appreciate it, if there is a new mommy, or some circumstance,
yes! of course, I can understand but it is best if they are all there! It’s bonding also,
don’t you think ? Isn’t that why they accept to be a bridesmaid? To do,
for that one day, anything that can contribute to her special day?
After so many years of being in the wedding business it’s a much more enjoyable day when everyone is there sharing these last few hours before the big moment,
together, not only for the best job that I can do, but the best energies for the bride.

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